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Water Stain Control & Service in Coral Springs FL.

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We provide monthly maintenance service for rust inhibitor systems and stain removal on your property. Stain removal of sprinkler water stains from house, driveway and walkways. Holding tank filled with rust inhibitors, service and\or repair of stain removal equipment. Our pricing is based on the size of the property and the density of the stain to be maintained. We include the following items except as noted:

  • Inspect and maintain the injector system
  • Supply rust inhibitor chemicals by the gallon per month
  • Maintain the chemical tank, tubing and injector pump
  • Spray brown stain on driveway, front entrance walkway, house walls, and pool deck
  • Spraying of the sidewalks, curbing and street

We use a mild chemical solution to remove the brown stains. No muriatic acid. The above maintenance schedule for Rust Inhibitor systems excludes the following items: injector pumps and tanks. These items will be repaired, replaced, installed or sprayed only with the owner’s approval.   Stain spraying of street, curbing along street and sidewalk. Adding this to your irrigation and chemical service will cost ten dollars more per month, corner and oversized lots slightly higher. This service is free with the monthly purchase of the pest control or fertilizer service.

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