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Outdoor Lighting Companies in Coral Springs Florida

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Welcome guests and family to your home with attractive and safety-minded landscape lighting. Accentuate architectural features, highlight a well-tended garden or enhance outdoor living space all with artistically designed lighting. Investing in outdoor illumination can improve a home’s value through curb-appeal, security and entertainment space. Why use a professional?

  • Safety - Trained installers comply with local requirements and follow electrical usage protocol.
  • Expert design layout - Experienced landscape lighting pros use appropriate fixtures, bulbs and techniques to best fulfill a homeowner’s needs and wants within a budget.
  • Memorable results - Formally trained contractors will assist you in expressing personality in your yard as well as addressing any specific outdoor living needs.
  • We use Kichler and Hadco landscape lighting products. These two brands offer the very best quality and versatility in the lighting business. They stand behind their warranties and allow us to provide excellent service to our customers when a warranty issue comes up. The web site links are listed below. Click on the link below to see the latest technology in LED lighting and green transformers.  

The electricity you save with an LED system is tremendous whether you install a new lighting system or convert your existing landscape lighting system. An LED lighting system will pay for itself in a short period of time.  


A standard 30 fixture landscape lighting cost versus 30 LED light fixtures savings example: A current landscape lighting system with standard lighting fixtures that consumes 3000 watts x 7 hours per day will cost about $2300.00 per year for electricity to operate. A new LED system will put out the same amount of light but only consume 300 watts per hour. The total savings is 2700 watts per hour or 90% less consumption to do the same job. The cost is about $144.00 per year. Based on our 15 year warranty your electric bill savings would be $32,340.00.  


Warranties cover manufactures defects from normal use. Items that are damaged from abuse, landscaper equipment, landscaping personnel, roofers, painters, tree trimmers or pest control personnel are not covered. Labor for repair or replacement is not included. Edwards warranty on labor is no charge for labor for one year from the date of installation for covered items.

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