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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

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Edwards Sprinklers Incorporated can install all types of irrigation systems and can convert existing system to many different water supply types.

  • Commercial or Residential irrigation systems, all types with any type of water supply such as city water, lake or canal water, reclaimed water and well water.
  • Conversions from city water to a well or other source.
  • Reroutes for new pool installations.
  • Refit system for driveways renovations.
  • Convert hydraulic system to electric valve system.
  • Repairs to all of the types of systems listed above.

Irrigation Monthly Services

Monthly service contracts are available to ensure proper operation of your irrigation system. Pricing is based on the size of your system. We include all of the following irrigation items in our monthly service fee:

  • Provide all maintenance of heads, including labor and materials, except as noted*.
  • Repair line breaks, except for piping under driveway, walkways, pool deck areas, landscaping changes or new installation of landscaping, construction work, termite bait traps, deep root fertilizing of trees, landscape lighting installation or damage caused by a hurricane.
  • Inspect and insure coverage of landscaped areas, as existing.
  • Replace broken rotors and mist heads.
  • Maintain and adjust clock settings.
  • Flush out heads.
  • Adjust head height as needed.
  • Monthly check of equipment for proper operation.

* Maintenance Schedule

The above maintenance schedule for the sprinkler system excludes the following items: time clocks, check valves, indexing valves, gate valves, electric valves, solenoids, wire tracking, valve boxes, sprinkler motor & pump parts, injector pumps, tanks, water wells, and relocation or addition of sprinklers. These items will be repaired, replaced, installed only with the owner’s approval.

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